Celebrate spring with “The Alphabet Garden”

Finally spring!! Spring is coming with its color explosion, beautiful landscapes and millions of flowers everywhere.

We want to contribute to such an inspiring season introducing “The Alphabet Garden”.

“The Alphabet Garden” book cover

“The Alphabet Garden” is a coloring book with 26 nature-inspired sheets where letters melt into the floral landscape, creating gardens full of magic. You put the colors.

The book offers different levels of detail, so that you can choose what you prefer to color on each moment.

It can be useful as a retail therapy, to calm and relax or… just for fun!

“The Alphabet Garden”, interior scene

I hope you enjoy coloring the book as much as I did designing it. Once you complete it, you can send me images of the art you feel proud of (info@chuwy.es) so that we can share. It´s really inspiring to see the multiple possibilities each letter offers.

And remember, you can find the book in Amazon!

I wish you a happy and colorful spring!

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