Games. Fun. Adventures… one for each letter of “Lucy’s Alphabet”!


¡Introducing “Lucy’s Alphabet”,  a new book from the series “Lucy’s world”!

In this book Lucy shows to the readers the 26 letters of the AlphabetShe has chosen a word for each letter. And, with each word, Lucy tells us a short storytale, introduces some of her friends and challenges us with a riddle.

The goal of this book is helping to learn the alphabet in a fun way that children will loveLucy’s Alphabet intends to awaken creativity and imagination in readers. It’s a perfect book for the little ones to interact with their parents through describing and explaining Lucy’s adventures.

Lucy’s alphabet is an early learning book. A tender story full of laughs and fun; it has inspiring scenes for children. A funny adventure perfect to read out loud to the little ones; or for children who are learning to read.

If you cannot wait to get it, here’s the link to Amazon.

Enjoy it!

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