Humanimals, a different coloring book

ChuwyLibrosHumanimalsHi there!

Introducing my new book “Humanimals” that I’ve been designing during the last months. A different coloring book that will not leave you indifferent.

I wanted to create a book with b&w animal illustrations and get off the beaten track, so I decided to “humanize” them with a nice touch.

I’ve tried to make them show its own personality. Besides, every sheet appears together with a carefully chosen quote to strengthen each character.

I really believe human beings are not so different from animals, we have a lot in common and would be even better if we could meet the best of both worlds. Because, there ¡s much to learn from animal world.

If you are a big coloring fan, this book will be useful as relax therapy and enjoyment; if in addition to it, you get a new vision about human being… we made it! 😉

You can find “Humanimals” in paperback version in Amazon.

Hurry up and get yours! 😉

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