“In the clouds”, an illustrated book about a magical journey

We thought we´d never say that but… our children’s book “In the clouds” is now on sale!

I have no words to explain what it feels like when I held the first paperback copy in my hands. It was really exciting!

What started as a small children’s book for my daughter’s 4th birthday present, has become a challenging adventure. This is the first story of many others that I´ll show you in future posts as part of the series “Lucy’s word”.

“When the wind is blowing” from the book “In the clouds”, illustrated by Chuwy

FantasyFunTenderness… and a magical journey!

Lucy is a sweet little girl who loves letting her imagination run wild. Is there a better place for it than in the cloudsJoin Lucy in her magical journey, enjoy her funny games in the clouds and live with her the most fabulous adventures!

In the clouds aims to encourage creativity, emotion and feelings in childrenawaking in them curiosity for simple things like the clouds in the sky. With this illustrated book for kids they will discover that real fun is possible just using their imagination. 

In the clouds is a children´s early learning book suitable as a read aloud book for baby, toddler and preschool readers; or a self read book for older children.

“Flying around the world” from the book “In the clouds”, illustrated by Chuwy

The book is available in Amazon, in both ebook and paperback editions. Here is a link if you are interested. Your little ones will love it! We are working on the hard cover version that we hope we can offer in the future.

We are really happy with this book and we would appreciate your comments in Amazon (hope positive!) after you read it.

Hope you like it!

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