THE SNOWMAN, by Raymond Briggs

One of the most exciting things to me was creating a blog to be able to share all the publications that have influenced me most as an illustrator. Today, I´d like to write you about one of my favourite illustrated books, that I´m sure you’ve already heard about: “The Snowman”.


Its author, Raymond Briggs, is a famous children’ books illustrator born in England, january 1934. He´s been awarded the Kate Greenway Medal ( 1966 and 1973), and the British Book Award ( 1993 and 1999); he also became finalist in the Hans Christian Andersen award (1984). He has written many other books like “The mother goose treasury” (1966), “Father christmas” (1973), “Fungus the Bogey man” (1977), “When the wind blows” (1982), “The man” (1992) and “The bear” (1994),  all of them really amazing.

But over all of them, as I´ve just said, the one I choose is “The snowman”.

It was published in England in 1978 by Hamish Hamilton publisher. It´s a 32-page hand drawn story (no written words) about a little child that builds a snowman in a cold winter day and it becomes alive. Together they spend magical and funny moments .


The author has an amazing ability to tell a big story from a simple but brilliant style. Pictures speak for themselves. Some of them really catch you no matter if you are a child or an adult.


Hope you like it as much as I do.


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