Animated children’s book “In the clouds”

Hello everyone!

We are happy to present “In the clouds”, our first animated children’s book. It has taken months of work but it’s been worth the effort. We are really happy with the results and hope your kids love watching Lucy flying in the clouds 😉

Our first contact with the animation world has been such an adventure. We’ve had this proyect in mind for some years. Just since the creation of the illustrated album “In the clouds”. Ever since, we’ve been thinking around with the idea of animating every new story. Our experience as parents has proved that kids love to see their favourite characters moving and talking. And that’s what we’ve made, to give life to them.

Frame of the animation”In the clouds”

If you want to watch the complete video, click here.

Our first intention was creating a simple animation, with no special effects, just with the intention to keep the tender and charming atmosphere of the story. We can tell that getting all this hasn’t been an easy task. Hope we made it 😉

We’d like to thank Alejandro Largo for his fabulous animation work and Sara Iglesias, the narrator. Hope we keep on working together in future projects and telling magical stories.

For the moment, we can say this adventure has just started. So, stay tuned to our YouTube channel  “Lucy’s World”, because it has come to stay and conquer children’s hearts 😉

Let’s keep on flying!


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