Chuwydesign and spanish wine

Chuwy and Spanish wine. I’m happy to introduce you to Tierra Salvada, a spanish wine trademark that has chosen an illustration from Chuwy for its label design.

Ilustration from Chuwy in wine label “Tierra Salvada”

The proyect has beben developed by Alexei Poteichuk for Bodegas Navarro López and uses one of the illustrations from my summer collection. It’s always satisfying to see how your designs are used; in this case, I love the result and that’s why I wanted to share. When I did this illo I never thought someone would use it for wine labels, but now I see it, I think it’s prefect. Its fresh and summer feeling invites to relax.

Here you have the original image.

“In the dock”,

I haven’t tried the wine yet but I intend to do it as soon as possible. It has to be refreshing to drink a cup of it in summertime while looking at the horizon in a mediterranean beach… 😉

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